Your First Film School

✔ 130 Chapters+
✔ 4-5 Hrs / Week
✔ 6 Weeks
✔ Learning Resources
✔ Digital Assessment
✔ Discussions
✔ Certification
✔ Mobile Friendly
✔ Quizzes
For ages 15 and above
Learn the most sought after creative skill of 21st Century


"I felt it was a very well-planned programme that really opened our eyes to the film industry"

Nolan Passah

Making films used to be a highly skilled job. It still is but with a large variety of tools, guidance and resources available on line today, its far simpler. There was a time when the actors, directors and anyone related to Cinema was far beyond the reach of a common man but today the same Directors, Screen Writers, Cinematographers and other film experts have decided to come out of those high walled iron gates and talk to anyone who wants to discover cinema and make a career out of it.


The Discover Cinema Programme is one such Initiative where film professionals with a proved track record share their experience with budding film students and teach. Learning about proper guidance. You are taught using examples, making you watch films that you have never seen or never seen from a certain perspective, encouraging you to think like a film maker, answering your questions, doubts, making resources available for you and above all teaching you the process of film making.

The Discover Cinema Programme takes you deeper into the world of films and lends you an insight like no other course to understand the basics of film making in a manner, that is not only interesting but at times, fun film making is more about instinct and a lot. 


By the end of this Course, You would begin to look at films from the perspective of a filmmaker. You would start thinking in terms of images and sounds. You would not even realize that not only you understand Cinema better but you have actually entered the world of Cinema as a Film Maker. Above all, you get a Completion Certificate from the Indian Film Institute.


So, if you think you have it in you to become a film maker, make a small beginning here. 

Its all about telling a story, differently.

Learn the process of combining images, sound, music, even silences to create great stories. No matter who you are or what you do, you can be a Film Maker at any age with any qualification, with any or no background. The Red Carpet awaits you at some Film Festival...


Discover Cinema allows its students to attend its own sessions, Film Festivals, Master Classes thereby offering great networking opportunities with Film Industry leaders.


✔ Makes you ready to work on Film Sets, Studios as Assistants

✔ Offers you years of education, experience in a time compressed manner

✔ Offers you clarity on whys and wherefores of Cinema, its tools and the entire process

✔ Fills you with information which even the working professionals lack

✔ Understand the role of a Director, Screenplay, Cameraman, Editor, Sound

✔ Why we make films, why it is important to tell a story.

✔ Offers you a Credible Certificate from Indian Film Institute

✔ How to make your first short film and take the process from fund-raising to distribution.


It doesn't matter what qualifications you have, or which industry you work in, we want you to learn film making, the most sought after creative skill of this Century. It helps you improve your writing, content style, photography, sense of compilation, think cohesively, plan efficiently and communicate your ideas coherently.


This Course is designed to prepare you for the film and  television industry in a way that you can one day make films independently. This course works at Five different Levels. The Beginners Level offers you the basics of the film industry crafts and on completion offers you One Star Certificate. The Courses run up to Five Star levels which require you to have practical film making experience after which the IFI shall only mentor and counsel you free of cost when you wan to make your own bigger films.


Learning involves free discussion spaces, clarification of doubts, share views, new ideas. This Course offers you a specially created Discussion Forum where you can share your views, get clarification on your doubts and answers to your questions. The Discover Cinema Programme  encourages you to hold discussions with Our Faculty and Mentors.


A Course of study requires Resources like Sample Sheets, Pictures, Graphics, Videos etc. for periodic references. This material supports the learning process throughout. The Discover Cinema Programme offers various learning Resources such as Script Samples, Budget Sheets, Pre Production Charts, Log Sheets, Pictures and other graphics etc. free of cost to serve you as reference Materials.


We understand that even online learning is a two way process. It also requires periodic assessments to help you understand better and also to review our own Course Materials. The Discover Cinema Programme gives you Assignments to complete and assess your progress and learning periodically. This is a revise and remember  exercise to enhance learning standards.


The Indian Film Institute that awards a Completion Certificate for this Course  is  a Non Governmental Organization engaged in Appreciation for the Cinematic Art. The objective of the Institute is to spread and promote the film culture and through this engage people in the art, commerce and science of Cinema. The Certificates are awarded as Level One, Two, Three , Four and Five. Level Five Certification makes you a film industry professional. 


This is the only Course that presents five eminent Mentors teaching on one single platform. Furthermore, many more are yet to join. Secondly, owing to its focus on your problems, aspirations, resolution of your queries, doubts online and support you and your film ventures with advice and information, the Discover Cinema Programme is different from any other Course. The backup and industry support offered is a plus over any other Course.


We help you make your first film with free support and guidance on your script, locations, pre production, equipment, talent, budgets, shoot, edit, promotion, anything. We serve as your Home where you can come back anytime for help, guidance, resources or connections. We stand with you even after completion of the Course.