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  • What is the job of a Film Director, how to make films and how not to make films? We teach you through examples. Finding or writing Screenplays and dialogues. Story-boarding and preparing pre and post production plans. Above all, how to execute the Production Plans efficiently and clinically.  Briefing, preparing actors, finding locations, planning, shooting, post production, promotion and release, all relevant aspects of film making at the basic level, are touched upon.

    Instructor - Rahul Dholakia

  • Where to begin writing a script, the pre requisites for writing a good script and how to build scripts. How to write dialogues, cautions to be taken, scripting techniques and tools available. The Course leads you into the world of scripting through examples and their execution on screen.

    Instructor - Manoj Srivastava

  • This module deals with introduction to camera basics, equipment and techniques basically educating you through examples. The Course covers various film shooting techniques like framing, angles, lensing, lighting and movement including basic lighting.

    Instructor - Mahesh Aney

  • What is the job of an Editor, how does he prepare for an Edit and how is the job executed. Learn from the best professionals through examples, their methods, and techniques of editing, shots and transitions, when to use what, techniques, handling emotion and action. Preparing for edit, absorbing the directorial brief are the subjects that are covered in this Course.

    Instructor - Suresh Pai

  • The democratization of the film medium has opened Cinema to virtually everyone. With cheaper equipment, nonprofessional actors, self-written scripts and various modes of release, film making suddenly has become far easier. How to begin making films, understanding the eco system, pre and prost productions, experimenting with shorts and connecting with the World Cinema are all within your reach, if you are talented.

    Instructor - Cyrus Dastur

  • How do you plan to make a film, what is pre-production, how do you budget a film, what are the departments, how to plan locations, crew, casting, logistics, equipment required to make a film. The Course leads you into the world of Pre-Production through practical examples and tools available for a filmmaker.

    Instructor - Manoj Srivastava

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