Frequently asked questions

Indian Film Institute

What is IFI Membership?

The Indian Film Institute Membership allows you to free advice on Academics, Course, Film Production, Scripting, Industry support, information and updates on International Cinema. //Provide Link

The course will be active for 1 year. What happens after that?

You can save the materials, resources offered for future use and reference. You can still be in touch for any clarifications with us. The support will continue for a two year period.

Does this course guarantee a job placement?

No, it does not but it makes you ready for film jobs as Assistants/ Beginners. It offers you such education that you can hold your feet in a professional film environment. However, do look out for Placement updates from IFI from time to time on its website or partner websites.

What is Indian Film Institute accreditation?

The IFI Accreditation is credible as it comes from a highly professional Non-Government Organization. It also helps you connect with foreign film professionals thanks to its film events.

Do you have a group registration?

You can also register as a Group. Drop us a mail for discounts if you have a Group Registration of over 5 Students.

Course Related

How do I enroll?

Just fill up the Application Form and pay the Fee online. If you pay offline through a Bank transfer, please upload the Proof from the bank. It may take us a couple of days to confirm your Registration.

Why can't I sign in?

What are the entry requirements?

This course is suitable for Individuals who are 14 and above. You need to have either a laptop, a PC, Tablet or a Smart Phone to do the online course.

What do I require to do the online course?

A Computer, Smart Phone, or a tablet with internet connection is required to access the course.

I am not from India. Can I still do the course?

Yes, you can. The procedure remains the same. There is no bar of any kind.

I am not from India. Will the course be helpful for me as well?

The Course is designed to learn film making. The method is universal so is the learning. So it does not make a difference. You learn the basic principles of film making and adapt this learning to your environment.

I want to change my Email Address.

Please intimate us if you do so.

When will the 'Next Module' gets unlocked?

The Module unlocks once you complete the previous module and in 7 days.

I am not from Film Background, will the course help me?

Yes, all learning helps. This course enables you to write better, understand cinema better and make films in future, find a film industry job, teach you the basics of framing a shot, editing, recording which are useful in daily life also.

How many hours do I need to dedicate each week?

The course is designed for 3-4 Hours each week.

Can I study part time?

Of course you an. This course is designed keeping in mind your convenience. You can choose your study hours yourself and learn, The course is available to you 24 x 7.

When does my course expire?

You can access the course for 14 Weeks, after that subscription period will end. In case you are unable to complete the course on time, drop us a mail, we'll extend the course duration for you.

Do I need to be online?

Yes, you have to be online to access the course. Since it is not a Live course, you can access it anytime and learn at your own pace, whichever time suits you.

How to get a Certificate?

To get a certificate, you need to complete the course and watch videos atleast 95%. Once you complete a chapter, dont forget to mark it as 'Complete'. You can monitor the progress on the tab on the left side of your screen. The chapters marked with 'Check' are the ones you have already completed. If not, please go back and mark them as complete to move ahead to the next week.

Is this course meant for people like me?

Let’s find out. Do you identify as the following? + Movie buffs + Budding Actors + Graduates + Advertising + Social Media professionals + Digital Content Creators + Photographers + Influencers + Youtubers + Journalists + Writers & Storytellers + Musicians and Lyricists + Copywriters + Anchors, RJs, Voice Over Artists + Media Students + Animation Professionals + PR Professionals + Design Professionals + Online Creator + Freelancer If you answered yes to ANY of those descriptors, then yep, Discover Cinema is for you.


My payment failed at checkout?

The payment got deducted from my account, but I didnt receive a confirmation!

Can I refund my money?

The Fee is non-refundable.

Are there additional charges for the course?

No. There are no other add on charges apart from the course fee and taxes.

I want to claim a GST return, can I get a GST invoice in my company name?

Yes, please tick the option while filling the Application Form. Even if you miss out on it, you can drop us a mail and we will issue a GST invoice.

Can I place an order by phone, and make the payment offline?

Yes, you can but the registration will be confirmed only once the payment has been received.

I cannot pay at once, are there any EMI options?

Yes, there is an EMI option. Please contact us for more information.

What are the available payment options?

You can chose to pay by Debit Card, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Rupay) or via paypal.

Getting Started

How to Register for a Discover Cinema Account

Once you click on 'Enroll now' or 'Register Now' button, you will be redirected to our Learning Platform. 1. Login with your credentials, (Email, Facebook or Google) and fill in the form. 2. You will be redirected to the payment gateway. You can pay for the course with Debit Card, Credit Cards, Paypal, and many other options. 3. Once you pay, you will receive an email from Discover Cinema with your Course ID and payment receipt. 4. Click on the link, and you will get access to our Learning Dashboard. 5. Click on the course, and Voila, you just entered Week 1. Start learning.

How to start the course

Once you create login credentials, register and pay for the course, you will get an account. Login to the account and click 'Discover Cinema' course, and you will enter the learning platform. Click on the week/chapter you want to learn, or left off last, and start learning.

Do I need to speak English for the course

Not really. However, it would help if you understand spoken English language and also read it.

What is the language of instruction

The Language of insturction is English. Discover Cinema in Hindi language will launch soon.