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Level 2 - Advanced Course (Online)

Level 3 - Professional (Online + Classroom Training)

Level 4 - Diploma (Online + Classroom Training)

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Online Courses

School of Media & Entertainment (SOME) is currently offering Online Filmmaking Courses - Discover Cinema

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A Six Week Fundamental Filmmaking Course with Five Award Winning Film Professionals. From Screenwriting, Direction, Camera, Editing, Sound to making your first short film, this course covers 130+ lessons.

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Filmmaking (Hindi)

A Six Week Fundamental Filmmaking Course with Five Award Winning Film Professionals. From Screenwriting, Direction, Camera, Editing, Sound to making your first short film, this course covers 130+ lessons.

4.9/5 (95 Reviews)  261 Students


"I felt it was a very well-planned programme that really opened our eyes to the film industry"

Nolan Passah

The Course

Your first step to stardom, Discover Cinema Programme begins to prepare you for the Big Day. If you want to be a Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Cinematographer or and Editor, DCP lays down a solid foundation for your profession to be.

Learning directly from Film Professionals has its advantages. You get the precise information in a time-limited capsule. You get a piece of their years of experience in a few hours saving your time and money.  What is more, you can study as per your convenience, get answers to all your questions at home, get to interact with the best in Indian Cinema and above all get a Certificate.

Team of Instructors

From Bollywood Blockbusters to Indie Films, learn how they did it.

Course Modules

Learn the basics of Film making from Award-Winning Filmmakers and Film professionals. From Screenplay to Direction, Cinematography to Editing, Short Film making to Festivals. Join us to face the challenges and learn the craft of film making in Six Weeks.

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Learn Screenplay

Introduction to Filmmaking

Writing on Tablet


Screenplay & Pre Production



Camera in filmmaking

Image by Avel Chuklanov




Image by Skye Studios


Editing & Sound in Film

Image by Markus Spiske


Start with Short filmmaking

Free mini-courses

Image by Mariya Georgieva

Costume Design in Film

Actors wear great costumes, who designs these and how? Learn how to design costumes for films and how 


Who can do this course?


It doesn't matter what qualifications you have, or which industry you work in, you can learn film making, the most sought-after creative skill of this century, here. It helps you improve your writing, content style, photography, storytelling and gives you a clear perspective of everything.

+ Movie buffs

+ Actors

+ Graduates

+ Advertising

+ Social Media professionals

+ Digital Content Creators

+ Photographers

+ Influencers

+ Youtubers

+ Journalists

+ Writers & Storytellers

+ Musicians and Lyricists

+ Copywriters

+ Anchors, RJs, Voice Over Artists

+ Media Students

+ Animation Professionals

+ PR Professionals

+ Design Professionals

✔ Easy to Understand

✔ For ages 15 and above

✔ Learn at your own pace

✔ Mobile Friendly

✔ Structured Modules

✔ Certification from IFI

Course Features

Award Winning Teachers
Learn from the best. Our instructors have worked on Big Blockbuster films, and have vast experience in film.
Live Sessions + Videos
Course includes both Live Sessions and Videos, divided into 130+ Sessions to be covered in 6 Weeks.
Full HD Videos and Sound
Interactive High-Quality video experience to ensure it feels closer to a real classroom.
A Structured Course
Learn with the help of Videos, Photos, Live Interactions, Downloadable resources, articles and experiences.
Interactive Assignments
includes writing a Screenplay,  Photography, Framing, Lighting, Editing a Sequence, Making a Film
Quizzes for Self Assessment
Take tests at the end of each week to understand and improve your filmmaking knowledge.
24x7 Student Support
This is a two way course where our instructors helps review assignments, give feedback and clear doubts.
A Certification Course
The course has been certified by the prestigious Indian Film Institute, in support with Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC).
Unlimited Access on all devices
Access the course and its resources from any device, at any time convenient to you.
IFI Membership
Get access to industry workshops, film screenings, learning portals, film festivals, and much more.
Access Online Resources
Get access to multiple useful film resources given throughout the course.
Dedicated Discussion Box
We have an inbuilt discussion box in the course where you can post your doubts.

Course Features


Get a Certification in filmmaking from Indian Film Institute

Live Q&A

Enrolled students can ask questions on 1-1 basis with the faculty.

24x7 Access

Access the course at any time of the day or go back in time to review

Online Resources

Get access to multiple useful film resources given throughout the course. 

Integrated Course

Audio Visual Content aided with text and several interactive exrercises

Learn from best

The instructors have the best of experience and are seasoned filmmakers


Become a member of Indian Film Institute and get assistance in your film.

Student Hub

Students can access specially designed Industry Mentorship Sessions.


Our team is dedicated to help you in case of any issues during the course

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Your First Film School

INR 8999/- / INR 9,999 

+ 6 Modules / 6 Weeks / 120+ Chapters

+ Structured Course

+ Certificate upon completion

+ 25 Hours of Audio-Visual Content

+ 10+ Case Studies

+ Practical Experiences

+ Mobile Friendly

+ Film Resources & Ebooks

+ Film Scripts

+ Networking with Industry 

+ Interactive Assignments

+ Chance to Win $1,000 grant*

+ Student Forum & Discussion

+ Developed by FTII Alumnus

Avail EMI as low as INR 425 per month*


Get a certificate upon completion of the course.

Get Indian Film Institute membership upon completion of the course. Read more.

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